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Kakushigoto- Episode 8 Review

I need to learn the way of Tentative...

Tentative: Not certain or fixed

Boy would that help when coming up with names for things because I spend way too much time trying to figure them out.

Hime got her puppy in the last episode and a name was still not decided so they went with Goru or "tentative" for the time being. However, the dog, in the end, was named Roku, which is a pretty adorable name.

We have Goto-sensei having issues with inking the next chapter is suggested to just send in the rough draft because of suppression! Which...did not go very well.

This episode was all about celebrations and mentioning monumental achievements, but also..not noticing they are happening because Tights of the Wind hit a hundred chapters but no one congratulated them, how sad.

I do wonder how people actually keep track of their chapters or achievements like that. you mark things down about that? I never keep up with milestones like that. Maybe I am just forgetful.

Hime was hiding something, oooh could it be a love confession from a boy?! A girl?! it was a birthday invitation. She declined because if she went to the girl's birthday then she would have to invite them to her birthday, but she didn't want her father to worry about preparing the birthday by himself. As clueless as Hime acts sometimes...she really is otherworldly. I love her.

Can I just say...This show actually helps show that kids actually DO THINK. They notice when parents are having struggles. They do things that they think will help their parents. Kids are not dumb.

Sorry, I just needed to say that.

We learn more about the house that Hime is in, it was a house build by the ocean, it was meant for their entire family. However, Goto-sensei being a single dad, could not travel from work to the house to take care of Hime so he had a house built in the city similar to the house they were supposed to live together in with Hime's mother.

I'm hurting...That was just. Ahhhh Where else is this show going to lead to? I'm scared. I'm going to cry. I adore this show, so so SO much

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Source: MAL

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