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Listeners / Ep 2. Review

Kagami: I am so pumped to keep watching this show!

Wow, Kagami you are really enjoying Listeners, aren't you?

Kagami: I have no idea what is going on, but there are giant mechas, a lot of music, and cool character design!

This episode after the Earless attack Echo's town, we learn the girl with no memories who also happens to be a Player name is Mu! Echo and Mu escape town on a train after they think the Monument in their town landed and killed the mayor.

Kagami: Pretty sure he didn't die, but I hope that massive monument knocked some sense into him!

We learn a "folk" talk that Echo knows from when he was a kid about the Merle forest where Earless roam and it is said that humans that go into the forest turn into Earless and that Earless were actually once humans!

Kagami: So spooky! Earless then attack the train and they end up in the Merle forest!

Echo just becomes more and more adorable, I swear! Fanboys are my favorite characters. He knows every single player that is listed in the almanac and we find out some interesting things about the Player he saw that day during the Collapse and one of those facts being that he isn't actually listed in the book with the other Players!

Kagami: I wonder why that is. We know for one group of Players that are in the book, the Neubauten Sisters! They are so cool! no one knows their identities and they are super strong!

I really love their design and their personalities, they are so cute and I want more of them! I like the mystery of who they are and just exactly what they know.

This episode has so much packed into it, so much action! The Earless attack, the battle in the forest, learning more about other Players and the journey Echo and Mu may go on to find out just who Mu actually is! I am super excited. I just want to keep watching because I feel like there is so much more to learn!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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