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Listeners / Ep. 3 Review feat. Kagami

Kagami: I just want to hecking rock out whenever we start watching this!

Me too! There is so much going on and so much more to learn from this show!

First, we start out with two unknown people right before the collapse and them witnessing it all happen. This leads us to one of the same people in current time-saving Mu and Echo from the Neubauten Sisters!

Kagami: She comes in racing on her Equipment and just destroys them! Apparently they had a bit of past as well. Oooh.

Echo and Mu wake up in the home of Bilin Valentine, the lady who saved them. She is a talented player who has an entire technology company that uses all their sources based off the Noise made from Earless which is weird but also super cool!

Kagami: She tells us about the Fes, which was actually the battle that happened between Players and Earless. The entire Fes was going to destroy the Earless for good until a Rogue Player pretty much ruined everything and that is why the entire world is invested with Earless and covered in scrap!

I cannot wait to learn more about this Rogue Player because he obviously has a connection with Mu and I want to know why he did what he did. Was he really a rogue Player? What if this entire thing was a total misunderstanding? I want to know! Ahh!

Are you watching the Listeners? Tell us about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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