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Listeners / Ep. 4 Feat Riku & Kagami

Are you ready for class?

Riku: No...

Kagami: What is school again?

I don't know, been a while since I have gone. But Mu and Echo just made it to the Freak Scene Academy! A high school where Players go to train!

Riku: It seems a little...crazy.

Yeah, apparently the kids there are very rowdy and will not even listen to the Director of the school. Yikes!

However, the Director, Kim has the record of the Player Jimi Stonefield, a Legendary player that is not even in the Player's almanac but everyone knows him as a Rouge player. Echo and Mu are on the hunt to get information about him because somehow he and Mu are connected.

Kagami: The only way for them to get the record though, is for them to find the source of Teen Spirit!

Riku: Like the deodorant? Don't they have it in the stores? I don't know, did people buy up all the deodorant too?

No, Riku. Teen Spirit in the Listeners is a spray that Players use to give them a psychological boost and stress relief. They use it before they use their Equipment to focus better.

Riku: Is that bad?

Kagami: Uh, yeah. It messes with the brain and can actually cause some long term damages to the brain. Don't sniff harmful things!

Along the way, Echo meets Nir, a student at the school who is very tired and mentions how they always feel alone. She wants to get away from school because being a Player is such a difficult life.

Kagami: That's so sad. Players seem so cool, but they are sent to this school to train for the army to defeat the Earless. Most of the kids at the school are orphans because their parents died fighting Earless and the kids are destined to the same fate. That is rough.

This show always throws me through a loop. I honestly have no idea where the show is going to go next. Like they are on a train, then fighting other Players, finding people, and now there is a school for Players? My goodness, there is just so much and I love it. It is a journey and there is just so much more to come to this show. We are not learning much about Jimi, but I think we will very soon.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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