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Listeners / Ep. 5 Review

Where we last left off, Echo and Mu got more information about Jimi Stonefield and are now on their way to see Jimi's old friend, Denka.

Denka was part of "Project Freedom" a task force that was creating a plan to eradicate all Earless doing so by teaming up with people of Gnome who coexist with Earless. However, they were not teaming up with them, they were using them, Jimi was one of the players that was being used.

Echo and Mu make it to Paisley Park, which is an entertainment district ran by yours truly, Denka. I love the reference of Paisley Park because Denka is very much inspired by the musician Prince. Paisley Park was the record label founded by Prince in 1985! I love that!

Echo and Mu are at odds with each other, they are desperate for work and decided to get jobs. One, because they needed money, but also to see if they could get a chance to meet Denka.

Mu works as a telephone operator of...Love.

And Echo works as a sweeper basically. I guess that is a step up from digging through trash heaps?

Denka, addressing himself as Kid when he talks to Echo and Mu gives subtle hints to them about Jimi and himself, however never saying that he is Denka. Which...I don't understand how they did not recognize him as Denka. If Echo is so obsessed with Players, then how could he not have seen that Kid was Denka? I know that Denka wears a mask kind of thing, but still...come on. Those lips were beautiful and totally recognizable!

Echo and Mu find themselves in a battle with Wendy and Lisa (Another Prince reference, I love it!) and they had a bet that if Echo and Mu win then they can meet Denka, but if they lost then they were going to get ran out of town. Wendy and Lisa being total beasts, destroy Echo and Mu. Echo pleads for another match, but this time the match was done for the public. Echo and Mu, even though they were having their differences, arguments, and all, they managed to work together.

After the match, Earless come and invade Paisley Park. With this, it has to be one of the prettiest scenes in this show, Denka being a Player with his outlet in his heart (how perfect) does his move Purple Rain and the city of Paisley Park which is Denka's equipment destroys the Earless. It was so beautiful.

Now that Echo and Mu have found a little bit more of Jimi and some interesting facts that,Mu is connected to Jimi, you know, being his sister, yep, called that a million years ago, the Duo is off to Gnome where Jimi is from! Who knows what is going to happen there.

This show still surprises me every time with its beauty. I love it.

Are you watching Listeners? Tell me about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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