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Listeners / Ep. 6 Review

This episode, I don't know what it was but it made me feel so...sad.

Episode after episode we are seeing people who were affected by the Fest and what has happened to them after. Because the journey is to find Jimi Stonefield, of course, all these people are connected to him but they all have this positive light about him even after all the disaster that has happened to him after he disappeared.

Echo and Mu find themselves at the ocean that neither of them has seen before. Mu is able to spot a door in the ocean, but Echo cannot so it has to do something with Mu being a player. While spotting this door, Echo collapses. He is suffering from Sound Sickness. Something that partners of Players can get quite often if they are constantly on their equipment. Mu is alarmed and managed to get to the door in the ocean through a path that leads up to it.

This is a country were Roz, a daughter of one of the people of Gnome who were misled in the Fest, lives. She tells Mu that Echo is going to die from sound sickness. Eventually the brain pretty much just implodes from the sickness. Roz refuses to help Echo because Mu is a Player. Roz lives in a country where Earless and Players did co-exist but does not trust Mu because she thinks Mu will kill all the Earless just because she is a player.

Mu, as big of a loudmouth as she is, she cares very much for Echo and is willing to give up her passage of being a Player to get Echo medication. She saves Echo.

And there they are the Neubauten sisters manage to get into this country with their goal of trying to destroy Mu and Echo. My goodness, this fight was actually so cool looking! It was honestly beautiful, the movements were so fluid and the impacts could actually be felt through the bass. It was awesome.

Roz gives Echo and Mu a hint as to where Jimi could be. As easy as they though Jimi would be able to find, their next guess is that Jimi was captured by the Londonium army after being injured at the Fest.

I am super curious as to how this next leg of the expedition will go. Dealing with an army...that does not sound easy.

Are you watching Listeners? Tell me about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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