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Listeners Ep. 7 Review

This had to be one of my more favorite episodes of this series and it was probably the most painful.

Echo and Mu are not part of this episode, instead, it pays attention to Lyde and Ritchie, two boys who live in Londonium and have lost their families to Earless raids.

Lyde wonders around and just takes the glasses off a dead guy because...he is just so cool I guess and claims that no one in this town has a future. However, when Earless come swarming in, he begs to stay alive and runs with Ritchie and they are both saved by the one and only Jimi Stonefield. Of course.

It is now in the future and Lyde and Ritchie work for this terrible boss, they are treated like garbage and it is just not an ideal life for them.

Nir, from the Freak Scene School, appears and apparently has been hanging out with these boys and asks for her equipment to be repaired. They have gathered such a tight bond that Lyde and Ritchie show her this abandoned Londonium Patrol Squad Equipment that they have been fixing up. They get Nir to pilot it, but it does no good since it acts up and she cannot control it.

Lyde wanted this Equpidment to work because he wants to show the authority of Londonium that they are too controlling and really stick it to the man, you know?

Well, he gets the chance at Christmas. While Nir is out picking up Christmas cake and gifts for everyone a swarm of Earless come in and attack the people of Londonium. It has gotten to the point that the squad is even attacking the people.

The swarm is too much for Nir or the other Squad members to handle.

Just in time, with the passion he holds, Lyde develops a Player outlet to be able to pilot the equipment and with him and Ritchie, they manage to plow through the swarm of Earless.

But it wasn't enough.

Another player who looks to be Jimi comes in and attempts to take down the Earless but Nir identifies them as Mu. Mu looks different...and she blasts right through the Earless but it also ends up taking down Lyde and Ritchie.

That hurt...That hurt SO much. I really liked Lyde and Ritchie. They were some of the best characters in my opinion of this series. Maybe I have a bias to punk characters who really want to rise above authority and prove that they are worth something, I don't know. I just know that... I feel like whatever happens next is going to be big.

I don't know what was going on with Mu, she looked possessed and all of this was, was a test and I want to punch the person who made this test happen and that made Mu accidentally kill Lyde and Ritchie.

I am not happy, I am distraught but I am very curious to see what happened to Mu and Echo to lead them to the point. They came to Londonium to search for Jimi and end up in some weird events that lead to devastation.

Are you watching Listeners? Are you crying? Because I'm crying. Tell me about your crying so we can cry together.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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