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Lycoris Recoil ep. 1 Reaction feat. Kagami

Warning: This is a Reaction and not a review. There will be spoilers! Alright, so what are we watching today, Kagami?

Kagami: Lycoris Recoil! There are cute girls, guns, and g-...g- I can't think of a 3rd G, but it looked uh...GREAT! Alright, let's get to watching! I honestly love cityscapes in anime, I think they are so pretty and this was so immersive, it feels real! Like I swear I have seen some of these locations in pictures! Kagami: So Lycoris is an organization that this girl, Takina is a part of, she is part of the DA or the direct attack square Well no kidding, she just liberated all those people to save that girl! Right on! Kagami: The whole reason for Lycrois is to keep the peace in Japan by taking out criminals. Seems...familiar. Shhh Oh so, Takina got fired from the DA because she ignores orders, but what she finds is sensible. So now she has to work with the Lycoris Reco, which is basically like a lower rank than the DA? Kagami: That woman complaining about wanting a man reminds me of Miss Suki

Yeah? That guy Mika kind of reminds me of Kingston. Kagami: He totally does. He has green eyes and everything. Wait...does Kingston have a brother in Japan or something. Wait...I'm gonna call him.

We are in the middle of watching a show! Sigh, so Chisota is another person part of the Lycoris, but she does things a bit differently. Takina is a girl who wants to get it one and done and then Chisota likes to trap the bad guys rather than kill them. I kind of like that duo! Also, I really like how they use a picture that shows something in the background that happens to be a gun deal, which is who the DA were after in the first place.

Kagami: He didn't answer! What did I miss?

Well, Takina had to escort a lady and let her get kidnapped by people who were stalking her to get a photo off her phone and then started shooting at them.

Kagami: But they ain't dead. That's where Chisota comes in. She doesn't kill the people, just detains them, because all life has value. Kagami: Oooh I see, that's pretty neat. Yes! This show itself is pretty neat! I look forward to what is going to happen. Like, we have a bit of a storyline, there is this creepy guy who like...knows Chisota, what is the deal with that?

Kagami: he also just blew up a building...was that the hacker from earlier?

Possibly, hmm very interesting! I look forward to getting the know the characters a lot more! Especially Mika! He seems precious. Kagami: Yeah! I wanna know if that big radio tower is going to get involved, that would be sick! That was fun! Are you watching Lycrois Recoil? What character do you enjoy so far?

Thank you so much for reading out reaction! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Picture: The city atmosphere is amaizng And we got girls taking out criminals..okay we doing this To keep the peace of Japan Just obliterate them oh my god

"where's my mister, reminds me of Miss SUki girl named Takina, fired from the DA I love Mika Mizuki is the wants husband Chisota and Takina are going to be working together Chisota is a problem child and cannot be at the DA Wanted to kill regular customers because of sketchy powder but it was just coffee going to the be bodyguards for Hurry up back to the DA Ignored orders because she did what was sensible The arms deal is in a photo of the person they are suppose to guard. She was getting a big commotion for the picture Takina to spend time with Shori. Y'all being stalked Let's Shori get kidnaped to lure them out. decoy Doesn't kill, captures thems Values lives

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