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Happy Mamma's day to all the mammas out there! Whether you are an old mamma, a new mamma, a furbaby mamma, or that weird lady that ends up taking care of everyone we appreciate you!

A big special Happy Mamma's day to my mamma! For some reason she has put up with me for all these years. She has supported me through all my crazy ideas, been the number one cheerleader through any project, and she has done nothing but encourage me to keep me going. As mothers should (as family should).

She is my best friend, partner in crime (I don't know what crimes we have done, but I'm sure we have gotten into some mischief. Like that one time we crossed the street and it still had the "don't walk" up. Oh my gosh, rebels). She is the best mamma a person (or creature, I don't think I am a person, neither is she. We are way to weird for this world) could ever ask for! I love her so so much! Thank you for supporting me, Mamma! Any success that comes out of this is all thanks to you!

To the rest of you, go call your mamma, go hug her, give her the love she deserves. She has to put up with your weird tush and she really deserves to be loved right now.

Stay safe and stay sweet! 🍫🍓

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