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My Next Life As a Villainess: All Route Lead to Doom / Ep. 3 Review

This is another one of my favorite animes this season. It is a gem every single time and I can only imagine it getting better.

Catarina is invited to a tea party by Geordo and Alan and many other socialites and she is excited to be able to socialize about a book she has just read. She does not have anyone to talk about her books and is feeling a bit lonely. Girl, same, that is why I am doing these reviews. Even though they are not great, I can still fangirl and someone out there might understand.

We also meet another two characters that lead to a possible route of doom for Catarina in the end, Sophia and Nicol. Nicol is a silent but protective brother who everyone absolutely adores because he is just so gosh dang cute! Catarina in her previous life never really played his route in the game, so she doesn't know how to approach the situation, however, she does know a little about Sophia and tries to befriend her so they can talk about books!

This stuns Sophia a bit because everyone considers Sophia to be cursed because of her white hair and red eyes and makes her out to be a burden for her family and especially Nicol. However, Catarina makes her feel welcome and they become fast friends chatting about books. This gives Catarina a moment to reflect on her past life where she had a friend that she would talk about manga and video games with and she feels like she has that friend again. So sweet!

We finally sit the point of the time jump, I wonder when that was going to happen. Catarina is finally having her 15 birthday where she is old enough to join the Magic academy and the game truly starts.

We know the bad endings for Catarina are she gets killed or exiled, but did she change this route? She accepted Geordo's proposal but who knows how he is going to react when the main character of the game comes into the story. Alan has a bit more liking to Catarina, Nicol as well. Keith, oh my goodness, Keith you adorable little sugar puff, he is just as adorable as he was as a kid as he is a teenager. Keith is baby. I feel like how Catarina kept Keith around and saved him from being closed off really helped Catarina from her doom. But who knows? Time will only tell for dear Catarina!

Are you watching My Next Life as a Villainess? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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