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My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!

More adorableness, more chaos, more under looming suspense not knowing what is going to happen but it is masked by more cuteness!

Catarina is working in her fields as if it is a hobby now and discovers some of her plants are wilting which is never fun to see. She is invited to a tea party where all the girls and gossiping about Catarina and Geordo's engagement. She finds herself in a beautiful garden with the bashful and quiet, Mary Hunt.

Mary Hunt knows a lot about gardening and helps Catarina with her fields and they become fast friends.

This alarms Geordo's twin brother, Alan who is to be engaged to Mary. He challenges Catarina and if he wins, Catarina can no longer be friends with Mary.

Can I just say, Alan is probably the character that I always end up adoring on Dating Sims? There is something so adorable about that stubborn but very fragile underneath personality. I think those characters are so easy to connect to because I always finding myself wanting to learn so much more about them because no everything about them is on the exterior. Plus, he has gray hair and he is so cute as a kid!

I am loving learning about all the characters from this game as little kids, I think it is such a different way to approach this kind of story. There have been so many stories that let a player inside, but not something that goes YEARS back before the tale actually starts to prevent the routes coming. It is so unique and I am really enjoying it.

Are you watching My Next Life As a Villainess? Tell Me about it!

Source: MAL

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