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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! / Ep. 1 Review

So, I didn't know the English title when I started watching this anime. I just saw Otome and I was like, "alright, I'm in!" Because my guilty pleasure is otome games.

So, our story starts with Catarina Claes, an 8-year-old girl who is just living her normal life in a noble family. Spoiled as ever, she gets what she wants because her father is a duke and that is just the life she has been living, or so she thought. Catarina hits her head while walking with the adorable Prince Gerald, she stumbles and totally face plants the ground.

This impact triggers memories that are far too familiar, but the girl she sees the memories of is not her but is actually her in a past life. Catarina actually died when she was 17 and was reincarnated into her favorite Otome Game, Future Lover.

Of course, though, she couldn't have been reincarnated as the main character who gets one of the pretty boys in the end, oh no, she is actually the villain of the story. The villain in Future Lover after the main character ends the game with either a good ending or bad ending, it is a bad ending no matter what for Catarina. She being the villain is either killed or exiled in the end.

Now Catarina must figure out how to redirect the path so she avoids those bad endings. Thankfully in her previous life being so obsessed with this game, she already knows how each route goes, so she can do her best by avoiding the things she knows game Catarina does.

She already falls into the typical game route where she gets engaged to Prince Gerald, now she must do everything she can get her happy ending.

In the game, Catarina is very mean to her new brother Keith, but in this new life, she is being nice and making sure Keith always feel loved and doesn't have a reason to be locked away in which then he totally turns into a playboy when he is a teenager and falls in love with the game's Main Character and which that ending is very bad for Catarina.

This anime is so gosh dang cute! The kids are adorable, Keith is a baby boy and I love him so much. I love the idea of trying to change a story. I was just reading a manga called, Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary On The Villainess, which has a very similar story. Honestly, I got a little confused because the story is basically the same with trying to change the game to avoid the bad ending for the villain, except in this manga it is two people outside controlling the story instead of living inside the game.

I am so excited to see where this goes, I want to see how exactly all the routes can change in the game and how they do it to make it work. Will it be a happy ending or a bad ending? Who knows!

Are you watching My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Tell me about it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: MyAnimeList

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