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My Next Life As a Villainess All Routes Lead To Doom / EP. 5 Review

Katrina and Maria are getting along swimmingly. Katrina spends so much time in the student council room that she and Maria always spend time together and Katrina adores Maria's snacks.

Though, Katrina realizes that she does not spend much time with Maria outside of the classroom. It is like Maria "avoids" her. Could that be because, in the game Fortune Lovers, Maria never has a path that is connected with Katrina?

So Katrina does her best to spend so much time with Maria, to the point that she once again saves Maria from bullies! In the courtyard where Katrina in the game was set to bully Maria is where she instead saves Maria. Saving Maria from the bullies actually took a MAJOR heart event for Keith and Maria. So that is two major events that Katrina has stopped that could have altered her routes to probably not leading to her demise at the end.

I wonder if we will get to the point of a major heart event that Katrina misses because she doesn't know all the events, especially not down the Nicol route. Hmmm, questionable.

Katrina and Keith go to the countryside to do a bit of farming because that is totally Katrina's hobby now. It was first so just in case she got exiled, but now she really enjoys it. That is so cute. on their way home though, they head to the town where Maria is from instead and goes to pay her a visit!

People in this town spread a lot of rumors about Maria. Maria was always anointed as a Special child, but it came with the cost of Maria being an illegitimate child from a Nobel since it is not very common for Commoners to have magic, especially Light magic at that.

I am a little confused as to have Katrina was a little surprised as to why there were rumors and such about Maria, shouldn't she have known this? She played the game, so imagine there has been a lot of backstory about Maria. Well, Katrina isn't the brightest she?

Still, though, it is great to learn more about Maria and see her troubled past and show that her present is changing for the better. Because it is normal for a story of a troubled girl and her life is cured by the love of her life! But this is Maria, she was bullied, rejected, and now she has friends! Were the other girls friends with Maria in the game? Possibly, but it isn't just about finding love, it is friendship and I love that.

Are you watching My Next Life As a Villainess? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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