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My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom / Ep. 6 Review

Summer! It is summer break for everyone in the game Future Lovers. Instead of Katrina doing her homework, studying, and trying to plot out how to prevent her doom, she does what summer is for! Goofing off!

This is an episode that has kind of filled in everything that Katrina has done so far and how she has changed the lives of people since the moment she hit her head when she was a child. Even her mother has a moment talking about how Katrina has made the help more cheerful and talkative than ever before! Instead of being the brat Katrina used to be, she even has made her parents have a better bond! How sweet is that?!

One day of summer break Prince Geordo invites Katrina out to the lake! While Keith is at a social gathering he notices that Prince Geordo is gone but his brother Alan is there, so that only means that Geordo had to have done something with Katrina! He races and catches up to the couple and totally blocks Geordo from any ahem..advancements towards his and Katrina's relationship. Which makes me wonder... Could that still be a problem? Because in the game, Keith probably wouldn't have been protective of Katrina so would she still have gone to the lake? Or was Maria the one supposed to be invited to the lake with Geordo? Also, does this prevent a relationship between Geordo and Katrina? So many questions!

Either way, it doesn't really matter since Katrina invited all her friends anyway to the lake and they spend the day together so sweet!

Sophia, Nicol, and Katrina have a nice little day out of shopping for a new book! Sophia tries to give Nicol a moment alone with Katrina, but with his dashing good looks, Katrina totally faints.

There is a moment where a flashback happens for Katrina's previous life. Her friend is talking to her in class about the game Future Lovers. It kind of made me sad, because her friend seemed so sweet. I wonder if we ever get to learn what happened to her friend in her previous life. I'm just curious.

Lastly, Katrina goofed around all summer and she never did her summer homework. I mean...sumer homework should just be illegal. I remember my school tried that a few times and realized NONE of the kids did it. I did, but it was very much procrastinated.

But they are back to school, back on route to see what really happens with Katrina. I wonder what will happen next!

Are you watching My Next Life as a Villainess? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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