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My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom! Ep. 10 Review

So...we are out here enjoying a good time having some laughs and then suddenly BAM these terrible girls how have been bullying Maria since the beginning who have kind of taken the play of the original Katarina's gameplay mechanics to decide to confront Katarina and try to "expose" her. They are saying that she has done some evil deeds! But we all know that isn't true. That she flaunts her position of being a Duk'es daughter and being fiancee to Prince Geordo which...yeah that couldn't be farther from the truth! So just what in the can't truth heck is going on? Geez, we can't even enjoy a nice time in the garden without someone being "canceled" with facts that are not even true...But why? Why is this all happening

Katarina reflects that this event is actually supposed to about Katarina, but it is Maria, Keith, and Geordo that confront her saying that she is a bully to Maria. We know that THIS Katarina has done so such a thing. So, why? Why now?

This best part of this situation is the fact that these girls have a list of everything Katarina has done and all of Katarina's friends take a look and pretty much just say that she is too dense to commit any of these crimes. Sometimes it pays off to be a simple-minded individual.

But, if Katarina didn't do these crimes, why are the girls saying she did? Jealously? Just wanting to mess up an innocent person's day? Or...Were they cursed? These girls said that as soon as the left the situation they do not know what happened. They felt like they were being controlled.

Maria has been seeing this black fog roam around the school, could that the culprit? But who is doing this?

Now, we all say that Katarina is simple-minded and that Maria is this intelligent amazing wonder of the world...WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SHE DO THIS?! WHY WOULD SHE LEAVE BY HERSELF!!?? She goes and follows the black fog and OH WELL YEAH! You know what she ends up disappearing! She tells her friends not to come with her and then poof, she gone, just...What the heck. I, pfft, grr.

However, it might have been for the best for her friends not to follower because this black fog, oh yeah, it is dark magic. We getting creepy in this mess. You know, for a show that has magical characters, we really haven't seen that much magic being used. Probably because Katarina's magic isn't that impressive and there hasn't been many threats to cause people to use magic but come on! I didn't realize it before, but it would have probably been more interesting to see a bit more magic in the show because the introduction to dark magic just seems so... last minute? I respect it, but sometimes I forgot that they were even magic-users and then there is this.

So they suspect that the dark magic user had abducted Maria, but Maria is lucky because light magic cannot be corrupted by dark magic...but just who has dark magic at the school?

I knew it, I knew we couldn't trust this baby face, yeah, I'm talking about the Student Council President, Sirius, he was just too precious to trust. His character in the game Future Lovers is a hidden path that is difficult to get to so Katarina doesn't know much about this ending, however...It possibly could be a bad ending since it involves dark magic and the only way to continue to spread dark magic is the sacrifice of a human. yikes on that.

The President gets so frustrated at Katarina, but Katarina tries to console him, however, that just makes him even more furious and he casts a spell on Katarina and...she falls asleep for who knows how long.

Things have gotten dark really hecking fast. First, we are gardening and enjoying cute little kids, playing pranks with toy snakes, and enjoying sweets and then suddenly we are talking about human sacrifices!

I guess if we really think about it, this show has always had dark undertones. I mean, the only reason why we are seeing Katarina inside a game is that that is her soul, that the real Katarina died and the whole point for ingame Katarina is to make sure she prevented her in-game death. So, I guess it wasn't too unexpected for it to get dark. It is just that looking back on the show, I do kind of wish they used their magic more because then I feel like this dark magic appearing would be more comfortable. Hmm, I don't know. I just know that..Sirius...I knew it, I knew I couldn't trust those baby grey eyes.

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Source: MAL

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