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My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom! Ep. 9 Review

Hooray! Katarina has made it to second year after defeated the ancient ruins! And by defeating, well...she kind of just gathered mushrooms for survival and passed the test!

We get to know Anne a little bit more, the woman who has been serving Katarina this entire time. It seemed a little random, but I am a sucker for the backstory of any character so I am totally down for this. Anne, before she served the Claes household, she was born to a Baron who was just a rotten person. One of those "I only want son" kind of dudes. Disgusting. Saying that daughters were a nuisance because of having to pay for a dowry. Ew. Anne's mother died in a fire when Anne was only 15 and his father had no interest in her, that he only kept her around because it was good as a political move. Anne left that terrible household and ended up serving the Claes household where she became the handmaid for Katarina.

I loved the fact that we see Anne serving Katarina a little bit before we meet Katarina when Katarina was a total brat, but then we see Katarina transform into how she is now which is a sweet girl which in a way saves Anne. Anne's father comes to the Claes estate and says that he had found a husband for Anne or what he said "damaged goods." Can I punch this guy? Katarina pretty much punches this guy because she saves Anne by saying that he needs to reconsider, that Anne helps take care of her and she would pretty much be lost without her and that she loves her. That is just so sweet!

Katarina has a slumber party with her friends and obviously boys are not allowed. I just have to say, I would have LOVED to see how the boy's sleepover would have gone.

So they ask the typical questions you ask at a sleepover like talking about boys, oooh, such as What would they do if they had a boyfriend? Even though..Aren't most of them engaged? Being nobels sounds confusing. Katarina says that she would make a meal from something in her garden, Maria says she would make some sweets and cook a meal. Mary says that she would have eat with them and bathe! Mary! However, for Mary's sake she is so innocent and asks if a partner has to be a boy, she would want to do that with her friends who are girls! Go for Mary! Who needs boys! Give Alan to Katarina! (Oh, did I say that out loud? That might be my ship, okay? Okay?)

Lastly, we have Geordo who receives a letter from Katarina, and of course, he is a little nervous, he doesn't know if this a confession of love or it is a prank knowing Katarina. He decides to take the benefit of the doubt and decides to make a romantic gesture route, he even gets her a gift of something she has been wanting which are garden shears! He complains because that just isn't romantic enough, but come on it is Katarina, Geordo! You just try too hard!!

Geordo is all prepared for this romantic meeting, but it turns out that heh, well, all of Katarina's friends got a letter because it is Harvest Day! She wanted to have everyone join her! As well, everyone kind of had the same idea of giving her a gift and she has several pairs of shears now.

Goodness sakes this episode was just so sweet. From learning more about Anne and her backstory and seeing her view about the fact that Katarina has changed everyone so much and also the fact that each person has feelings for Katarina and she is just too dense to notice. THen having the sleepover and getting to have that fun girl time. That was wonderful.

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Source: MAL

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