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My Next Life As a Villainess Episode 8 Review

I didn't expect to cry when I started this episode...but I cried.

We got a peek into Katrina's past life when she was friends with Sasaki Atsuko. We learned that Sasaki was a new student, but Katrina just felt right into her life...literally because she fell out of a tree. Sasaki introduced Katrina to Future Lovers as an incentive to pass their exam to get into high school. Lastly, we see Katrina's funeral and when Sasaki was mentioning how she was having to live without her best friend, that tore me apart! This show has been so lighthearted so far, but we knew that it was going to destroy us because of the dark underlines of Katrina dying in her previous life.

What made this moment so much more impact was the fact that it wasn't Katrina having these past memories, it was from Sasaki's point of view which happened to be in a dream form for Sophia in the game Future Lovers. How could that be? Sophia is friends with Katrina in the story now, she isn't Sasaki..Right?

They have their Practical exam at the magical school exploring Ancient Ruins. Katrina is on a team with Sophia, Prince Geordo, and Keith. Geordo and Keith conquer all the traps set off in these ruins laid by old mages that Katrina kept setting off. The only way out of the Ruins is to find magical tools and they get to pass the exams if they find them. However, it is not so easy since there are many fakes in the caves.

Katrina gets separated from the group due to another trap and everyone sets forth to find her. Sophia and Nicol use their wind magic to listen for Katrina's voice. That was honestly such a cool idea. I wouldn't have thought of that, that wind carries noise, but I loved it!

Katrina stumbles off the cliff when she was attempting to get mushrooms to help her survive in case she never made it out of the cave, but just in the knick of time, Sophia rescues Katrina. However, they both end up falling but were saved by a mysterious not whirlwind that was not created by Sophia. I wonder who did that... Hmmm another wind user, interesting.

So, going back to Sophia having that dream and the moment of her saving Katrina and saying she never wants to lose Katrina again..Does that mean Sasaki is Sophia? If so...How? I want to think it is Sasaki playing as Sophia, but perhaps there is a darker underline to it and I really hope it is not what I am thinking of. Either way the bond that Sophia and Katrina have is really special and I love it!

Are you watching My Next Life As a Villainess. All Routes Lead To Doom?! Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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