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Overlord season 4 ep. 1 reactions with Kagami

WARNING: This is a reaction and not a review. There will be spoilers. So I normally go into things blind and I have known the name Overlord for a long time and I have seen pictures never I literally never knew what it was about. I thought it was like some brutal horror anime thing. I was very incorrect, but instead, I found out it was a very enjoyable isekai. I have Kagami joining me because I mean...Ains is just a giant skeleton, and that is totally her thing. Hi, Kagami Kagami: Heyo!

So now we are on season 4 and I'm very curious as to where it will go because we left off with Ains Ool Gown wanting to take over the world of the game he is trapped in to find if any more players are still with him.

Kagami: Which like... we had 3 seasons and you didn't really mention this before? But okay, Ains, pop off, a good guy...but a bad guy...but...good guy now.

From what I am really getting from this first episode is not a lot of recap, I have noticed that with the other seasons too. Like, of course, we do not need to be reminded who Ains is or Albedo is, but also like, we just not going to talk about what happened in that last season? A lot of people died?!?! Kagami: Maybe we are just ahead of things, gotta lay down the foundation y'know. I am totally here for an outfit change, that robe is sick. Kagami: I would take down worlds if I wore something that regal.

Gotta look good when you are decimating people.

It seems like it is not much for fun and games anymore, like...Ains is really having to run a country. Kagami: You play video games to get away from the real world, being a salaryman and having this one thing that is relaxing, next thing you know you are a leader. I don't know if I like that exchange.

So, it seems like Ains is really trying to do good, building an orphanage and wanting to give jobs to widows that were affected in the last battle is nice.

Kagami: I want to sit in Ains lap. Do you think that robe makes him cushy?

Does he have bones for legs or leg legs?

Kagami: The real question is... sniffing. Is it weird or not. In this context...weird. We are skipping ahead to Ains in an Adventure guild, since everything is controlled by undead guards there really isn't a problem in the area, so no need for requests. Kagami: Isn't it just for the humans though? What about the other creatures? WHAT ABOUT THE LIZARDS?!

Yeah, what about the lizard you guild leader person?! I miss them Although, I do understand the fear, like, why do you want to go to other kingdoms...Ains, you said you wanted to invade things, but you are doing all these good things. I don't get it. Kagami: Unless...he wants to build up rapport, so once he means his old comrades, they will be like "Woah look at our old friend! He is like a king! Woah, so cool." That's just so much. But that is really this show, isn't it? So from the first episode, it was very setting the grounds for like more world political stuff, which is interesting. You got that a little bit when it came to the Lizard people, and then of know...a war. So it is interesting how things are going to settle. Because I am pretty sure that King dude from the last season is not too happy. Kagami: Everything is going to be...explosive. And I like it! Just don't hurt the Lizards!

Well said, Kagami So anyway, are you watching Overlord season 4? How do you think it will compare to the other seasons? I'm curious! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Watch here:

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