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Overlord Season 4 Ep. 2 REACTION - feat. Kagami

WARNING: This is a Reaction and not a Review there will be SPOILERS! Alright! We are back with Episode 2 of Overlord season 4, how are you doing today, Kagami?

Kagami: I am ready to conquer the world! I think you are on the same wavelength as everyone else in this show. Kagami: Well yeah! If I was the ruler of the world, I would want equality for all races! Just like what Ains Ooal Gown wants! Although...this tone that he is having is so different than what he has done in the past. I like it, good step forward, but also like... Where did his wanting to take over the world to find comrade attitude go? At least he wants to form something of his past, gathering all the different races in his kingdom and treating them as equals, I think that is very sweet, go Ains! are getting naked... Kagami: Is it actually naked if he is a skeleton? It still hasn't given us the answer if he also had boney legs...Hmm Kagami: Princess Renner is so pretty! And forming an orphanage too. Is there a spot open for me? 😍 She cares for children so much! She is wanting to lead them on the right path and also thinking that their parents were not weak for dying after they were totally wiped out in that battle. I love that mindset! But...wait, she is part of that royal family that is like totally suspicious! Kagami: It was Brain's idea to have the orphanage, so maybe it isn't a bad thing. But it is to find talented swordsmen, so... hmm. But Evileye is sus about this. I think it is funny that they still don't know that Lord Momongna and Ains are not the same person. They love Manmonga but Ains is horrible to them. Kagami: So, the Prince is wanting to work out a deal with the Sorcerer Kingdom, but...ooh the Princess is totally wanting more than just a small bit of land that he is willing to give her. I remember her being a little...deviant. Hmm, I wonder what that will lead to. STOP EVERYTHING IT IS BRAIN Kagami: You just like the himbos, don't you?

Yes, yes I do Kagami: Flaming horses, that is a statement! That is one way to show that you are a powerful Kingdom Kagami: I LOVE ALBEDO'S OUTFIT!!! Philip was cute...until that smile. That entire family is just so...weird, why you gotta be like this? Kagami: Oh he really thinks he can court, Albedo? He has no competition with Ains, nice try buddy. He wants to strengthen the ties with the Sorcerer's kingdom...but bruh...Albedo will freaking destroy you. Kagami: I hope she does. Albedo gives Princess Renner a box that is going to help with...AN INVASION?!?! Oh boy, things are going to get WILD Well then, that was something. I do wonder how everything is going to go when it comes to the ties between the Kingdoms. I feel like no matter what they are going to-

Kagami: A lot of people are probably gonna die again. Always fun Well anyway! That is it for us today! How are you enjoying Season 4 of Overlord? Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Watch here:

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