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Oh gosh, oh geez. I'm not wearing green. Spare me! I haven't showered yet!

Maybe I'm like the sims and my hygiene is low and green plumes just come off me....Ew what am I even saying?!

Anyway, heeeyy, how are you? How is your St. Paddy's going? Remember it is Paddy not Patty!

Okay, so seriously, I am in love with this new comic. I thought it was adorable. Kagami's new hair is working out so nicely! Puddin's look OoO face was just everything. And like...Itachi. I AM OBSESSED! Itachi looks so freaking adorable! He reminds me of a cat. Just a cute kitty trying to get some delicious tuna even though his bowl is already filled with food. That is Itachi's description and I'm sticking to it.

Well anyway, I best be getting putting on some green to prevent the pinchening! Be careful out there!

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