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Oh my gosh. First post of the new year. 2019, how are you doing?

I keep accidentally typing 2010 and that was almost a decade ago also not a bad year, at least for me. And Oh my god, 2020 is so easy to type. Sorry, do you ever just have that word or sequence of numbers that you love to type? It just feels good under your little finger pads.

What am I even talking about?

Oh yeah, hey, New Years Resolutions! What are they, tell me your secrets! Or just what you are super passionate about trying this year!

Like I said on the last post, I have so much planned for Choco Ichigo and I am super excited for it all. I'm finally getting my work cycle on track so I can actually work on everything I want to do and also be able to not overwork myself because no one likes being burned out.

So yes! Resolutions, what are they, if you don't have one I hope you find something this year you are super passionate about or at least have a happy year doing whatever it is you do now!

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