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Shoot! Goal to the Future ep. 1 reaction feat. Itachi

WARNING: This is a reaction and not a review. There will be spoilers! Do you have goals for the future, Itachi?

Itachi: I don't even have goals for the rest of the day.

What about playing a video game or something?

Itachi: Oh yeah, maybe. Kinda like what this kid is doing.

Scenes are going back a forth from playing soccer to playing a video game. Both do require a lot of team work.

Itachi: That UI for that game though...that is dizzying. Okay, so it wasn't just my old eyes being confused with that. So, this is a sports anime, sports anime always start in two ways. Either a kid is really good at the sport but doesn't want to join teams because of some experience that happened or they are really good at the sport and sometimes too good and risk some kind of injury.

Itachi: Looks like it is going to a former situation. Soccer is such an interesting sport, there are so many people who are into it, schools will go crazy, but then there will be others that just don't care.

Itachi: This must have been a pretty good school if it is broadcasting the sports team is going to be shut down.

My school didn't even announce the soccer team was shutting down. I knew someone who wanted to try out and it was like, "Oh...we don't have a coach anymore. You can try track instead."

Itachi: Imagine hearing that on TV basically saying, you guys suck, no one wants to coach you. Get out of here. That is weak. Do...Do I spy...a hot teacher?

Itachi: Is that what you are interested in?!

Hot...mysterious, oh he totally played soccer, plot plot plot

Itachi: That kid is so weird, Kazama or whatever, he is like loud, kinda a jerk, but really passionate.

Reminds me of someone.

Itachi: I'm not a jerk!

Was I talking about you?!

Okay, I gotta say...this animation is a little...plasticity. It is so interesting.

Itachi: Look, it is your creepy teacher husband giving some pretty good advice. Don't get stuck in a bad past. Yeah, that is for sure.

I want to know what happened to this kid's friend. Like...did he die in a soccer game?! DId you suck so much at soccer that he just died of embarrassment?!

Itachi: What if he just went to a different school?

The school is really trying to get this teacher to be a coach. The school was like the best in the country and then just ended up not. Maybe you shouldn't rely on the old ways, huh, think about that?

Itachi: Look at that old animation!

That is so cool! Showing how the teacher Kamiya was playing for the soccer team, they did that in such an old-school way. Okay, I really liked that touch. I hope that happens again because I really enjoyed that! Itachi: Oh geez, that kid is really good at making a goal. I can barely see where the ball is going! I guess that is how it works when you know how to Shoot. Okay, okay, good the friend isn't dead! He is also super adorable! Itachi: I guess next time they are going in for a practice match, this should be interesting to see how it will turn out.

Who do you think will win?

Itachi: I'm thinking the other team, gotta give this school the motivation you know?

I can see that. Are you watching Shoot! Goal to the Future? Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Available on:

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