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Smile of the Arsnotoria ep. 1 reaction feat. Yuuki

WARNING: This is a reaction and not a review! There will be spoliers!

Oh hey! Hi! Welcome to the reaction to Smile of the Arsnotoria with Yuuki! How are you doing, Yuuki?

Yuuki: I am well Good, good, I thought I would have you join me with this anime viewing, because I am seeing some very classy girls, and you yourself are very classy. Yuuki: Much appreciated, however, I do not find myself sniffing everything unless it is trying to figure out the peculiar smell coming from the Kumosaki house. That is probably just Itachi...Kagami has stated that he is very smelly. Yuuki: This is correct. So what I am getting from this is that it is a magical world, like there is magic money. Yuuki, is this how money is for your household?

Yuuki: It would be a lot more convenient. This store is absolutely adorable. If only our school store was this appealing to the eye.

This girl really likes sniffing, what is with that?

Yuuki: She is sniffing scones. Puddin has that ability as well. Puddin can sniff a branch of Granny's cookies from a mile away. Speaking of Granny, wouldn't it be nice for her to have those cute little helpers as well?

Yuuki: It would, however, I think Riku and Kagami would be out of a job then.

The uniform of this school is very unique and so adorable, I like it so much. So, what this school is about is for these girls to become true ladies and learn etiquette. You have gone to an etiquette school, haven't you, Yuuki? Did you learn to be Resolute, Humble, and Decorous, like these girls?

Yuuki: It is not something I care to speak about. Alrighty! It is so interesting! Magic and now they are doing tea leaf reading. Yuuki: This is something that is more so Kagami's interest, she has taken many of my tea cups and has tried to read them.

Have any of her readings been right?

Yuuki: Surprisingly yes. Let's hope the tea leaf reading for these girls are not correct, apparently, it is all about misfortune. They are too cute to have misfortune. Yuuki: I believe that is exactly how these shows go, unfortunately. You are right because my word there is suddenly fire and death and like... murder?!?! This person Joann just murdered a man for a book? What is the book?!?! Yuuki: Perhaps it is something like a Grimore, I believe it is called. Oooh, like a book of spells? Perhaps. I guess we shall see it in the next episode. I think this is going to be an interesting anime. I believe it is actually from a Mobile game, and as you can tell, I have never played it, so I have no idea what is going to happen! Which makes it much for exciting, right Yuuki?

Yuuki: Absoutely. The unknown is much more thrilling You know it! So are you watching Smile of the Arsnortoria? Did you play the game? Let us know! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Watch here:

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