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Smile of the Arsnotoria Ep 2. REACTION feat. Yuuki

WARNING: This is a REACTION and not a review. There will be spoilers! Watch along with us if you want! Hello hello, it has been a while Yuuki: My apologies, I was swept away by a book series and may have mistaken to function as a normal human for a while. It all happens. Are you ready to carry on with the show? Yuuki: Yes please. From what I remember, there was a jovial tea time of girls needing to become proper ladies. And then in the final scene of episode 1, there was a person who was chasing another person for a book, I presume? So let's see where that takes us. Yuuki: We have Arsnotoria possibly running late to meet with a head lady perhaps? I guess we shall meet her in a moment. This is such a cheery theme song for what looks to be a dark story. So interesting. This seems to be a meeting with Headmaster, Solow, who has green hair and I love it.

So these girls are all about having to exterminate bugs, but magical bugs I am guessing?

Yuuki: Bugs that get into a garden, which would be their school, if more bugs came in that, means their school could be found out by others. That would not be goo- MAGICAL CAT! Yuuki: See where Kagami gets her distracted nature from... I don't mean to laugh, but stepping on her scarf while she was getting dressed was actually really funny. Yuuki: It reminds me of when Kagami is getting dressed. Without fail, she will stumble as she puts on her pants. Hanging on a rope seems nerve-racking, but also fun the way that Mell does it.

Yuuki: I am confused as to why they would need ropes that are involved in their inspection. Are they involved when they need to exterminate bugs?

Maybe they hang from the rope into the forest to make it easier to get back?

Oh, we have a warning..what is the warning for?!

Yuuki: It was for a warning of... a lot of murder, my word. Someone named Lucian Butzer. He is kinda cute

Yuuki: He just murdered so many people.

Maybe they deserved it!

Yuuki: Or perhaps he is a bug or a knight that is going to harm the girls at the school. Look, you see, there is a bug on campus now! You can do it girls! Is it really that hard to catch a bug? I can catch moths better than that while they are flying!

Yuuki: I suppose not being able to use magic is kind of a hindrance.

Arsnotoria sneezed so hard that she knocks over the can and so many things just fell over.

Yuuki: Reminds me of when Shun sneezes.

That is an entire eruption when he sneezes....why are dads so loud when they sneeze?!

Yuuki: Picatrix just used magic without permission...I thought that wasn't allowed?

I guess anyone would panic if a bug just crawled of them.

Yuuki: Seems foolish

Oh, look an ant!

Yuuki: Where?


Yuuki: One mustn't joke about an ant invasion. What is humorous is what the bug actually wasn't a bug, it was just a dirty little fairy! Oh my goodness it is so cute!!! Yuuki: I guess it was a scare for no reason. Seems like a good day of work then. Reward by sandwiches prepared by the fairy. How nice. Well that was a lot of fun! I am wondering if we are going to start seeing the clash of the "warning" and the girls soon. Yuuki: I am a bit nervous for when that happens. It is going to get pretty dark I can only imagine. We will just have to wait and see! How are you liking Smile of the Arsnotoria so far? Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Watch here: Smile of the Arsnotoria

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