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Social Media!

I have got all social up and running that you can easily find on the website listed here below! I was going to do something like typical social media users do and post the same thing just slightly different on each account.

But, I cannot make things easy for me. Oh no, that is not something I do.

The epiphany occurred to me last night and I thought it would be fun to have each character help run the social media pages. They all have something they are assigned to, but of course this is a team effort so they will interchange when they want to. I will list the links below so you can enjoy all the social media accounts, follow them and share!

Facebook (Ran by Yuuki):

Twitter (Ran by Puddin):

Instagram (Ran by Riku):

And Kagami, with the help of I, Felicia, will be running the main site!

Oh, I also started Ko-fi up and running, I will be posting WIPs on there, I thought that would be fun! So check out and support me on Ko-fi!

I hope you follow, like, and share all the sites. I know it is a lot, but let's have some fun!

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