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Sol Levante / Animation Short Review

Sol Levante, there is so much to say for just a 4-minute piece, but I just have to say for starters that it was an amazing experience.

Sol Levante is a short animation on Netflix created by Production IG; the same production company that has done movies such as Ghost In The Shell, currently the show Haiyku!!, Sakura Wars, and so much more.

This short film was about a warrior that is searching for a place to make wishes and on that journey, of course, the spirits and guardians of that place get a little angry.

Sol Levante it such a unique short because it was all done in 4k resolution. If you don't know what 4k resolution is, basically it is 4,000 pixels all across the screen so it is very, very detailed. You can see every little pore on a person's face, the fibers on their jeans, trypophobia is sometimes triggered by it. It is being used a lot in movies and now it is making its way into animation.

I honestly do not know how I feel about 4k animation. I respect it when it is movies because that is already real life. Even when it is in video games, that is supposed to make you feel immersed and when it is in such high quality it feels real. Animation, that just taps into a different area for me personally.

Don't get me wrong, the animation was absolutely beautiful, the colors and everything was stunning. The character, however, it almost taps into an uncanny valley. I know it is not a real person, but it is an animated person that is trying to look real and it is a little strange.

It is like when they put too much CGI in anime...You can tell it isn't the same thing and it just gives you an off feeling like it is a little out of place. Except for CGI in anime, a lot of the time is just bad. 4k however, it isn't bad, it is just different.

I don't know if the world is ready for 4k animations, I am open to the idea, I just think I have to get more acquainted with the idea. Which I guess, will take a little while, seeing as Sol Levante was only 4 minutes long and it had a lot of work done to it.

Well anyway, have you see Sol Levante? What did you think? Also, what is your opinion about 4k animation? How does it make you feel? Tell me!

Stay safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: CBR (Plus some behind the scene information)

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