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On a cold winter day, Kagami with a devious look asks her friends, "You want to come over? We just got a bunch of spicy ramen!"

The three girls agreed not knowing what was to come.

The noodles were dished out with care and minimal splashing, those broth burns will get ya. Kagami places the bowls in front of her friends with aid of a cool water bottle and says, "You might need this."

Yuuki glares at Kagami and with her index finger pushes up her glasses and in the flare of light reflecting on the lens says, "I won't be needing one, thank you."

Kagami joins her friends at the table. Puddin plays with the steam wafting off the hot soup while Riku takes her chopsticks ready to dive in.

Puddin, Kagami, and Yuuki join in with their utensils and count down to prepare to eat their spicy lunch, "3... 2... 1..."

They take the first bunch of noodles and stuff it into their faces.

The first bite is not too bad they thought. What was Kagami talking about, spicy? Ha! Then it came to the second bite, Riku thinks to herself, "Okay, my mouth is a little tingly, it still isn't so bad."

And with a third bite down, Puddin is the first to go! She takes her water bottle and chugs as if she has been in an arid desert for days without means of hydration.

Riku and Kagami stare at each other, tears filling up in their eyes as take continue to eat their ramen. With an egg still left in the bowl and less than half of the ramen left, Riku gives in to the pain flaming on her tongue and taps out waving out the fire.

Meanwhile, Yuuki is simply eating her ramen, no struggle whatsoever.

Kagami saw this as a challenge and continue to eat her ramen. Eyes watering, nose running, tastebuds in flames, she gets to the last little bit of noodles and a fish cake still left in her bowl and could not take it anymore. She takes her bottle and begins to douse the rage of spices causing every orifice on her face to leak.

The winner of this battle is Yuuki Hooseki, who continued on her eat her Saturday lunch in peace, smiling while her friends suffer. Wow Yuuki, that is one spicy move.

-Stay safe and Stay spicy! Or sweet because spicy things hurt!

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