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Stay Sweet!

Oh hello, it has been a while.

Sorry about that, I had to wait to get a new cord for my drawing tablet. Just so crazy about drawing that my cords just cannot last! (or I have to buy cheap cords because the wacom cords are hecking expensive and are never in stock so yee).

But I is back clearly because there is a new webcomic which I am actually super duper proud of. The line art really made me giggle. Itachi's expression in the first panel makes me laugh every time I look at it. He is just like, "Dude... Don't be so lame." I don't know, I loved it.


Choco Ichigo actually has merch!

It isn't much at the moment but you can get t-shirts, stickers, and other stuff (like a want a mug? You can get a mug!)

There isn't much on the store yet but there will be more on there at some point!

I don't really expect anyone to buy anything, but I thought the option was there for anyone interested! Personally I think the stickers are pretty neat and who doesn't love stickers?

Well anyway here is the link to the store, redbubble is confusing so you have to click around to see what is available.

I hope you all are having a great start to your summer, stay hydrated! Stay safe and Stay sweet ❤🍫🍓

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