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Summer Project

Yey a final wrap up for the summer project!

I cannot believe that summer is over. I know for many people summer has been over for a long while and some of you are starting school on Tuesday.

I hope that you had a great summer! I also hope you didn't have to do any summer projects so you were just able to relax and spend time with friends or read or appreciate all the dogs you saw! Or perhaps played video games the entire time like Kagami. Seriously, was that why she was so tired in part 1? Or did she really conjure up a unicorn? Hmm, who knows.

I hope you all enjoyed this little 3 parter webcomic thingie. I kind of want to do more of these. I like building a story and it is fun to see the outcome in the end. So perhaps it will be something that happens a little more.

I am super excited for the girls to go back to school, I have so many school related ideas for the girls to do, but suggestions are always welcomed! Perhaps you have something fun going on at school that you would love the girls to participate in as well!

I hope you all are having a great 3 Day weekend if that is what is going on for you where you are living, or you know just having a great weekend and having a great start to a new week! It is a new month and there is so much to do!

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