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Summer School

Kagami is in summer school and it is not going so well.

I can only imagine what summer school is like. I never had to do it, thankfully because seriously going to school in the summer would be so bad. I had online classes during the summer for college and that was annoying enough. I sure hope Kagami can make it through it.

Also, can we talk about Aki... Kagami loves video games, but I feel like her little guilty pleasure would be dating sims. Aki is pretty much Kagami's dream guy and probably mine as well because oh my gosh he is pretty. As I was creating I was just obsessing over him and I seriously need to find more ways to implement this little dating sim game into the story more just so I can see Aki. That is a little odd...but I don't care, he is cute so ehh!

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and getting through this hot hot summer and also Mercury Retrograde.

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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