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Tamayomi / Ep. 2 Review feat. Itachi

Are you ready for more baseball?

Itachi: Yeah! They are building up their team now!

That's right! Yomi, Tama, Yoshino, and Ibuki have put in their forms to sign up for the baseball club at their school! Only that, they are the ones in the club except for 2 upperclassmen that stayed to keep the club from getting disbanded but never show up to practice anymore because of a scandal that happened with the club.

Itachi: Oooh, a scandal? *cheeky grin*

Apparently, the team before was very rough before and violence so much so that the team was banned from games and scrimmages.

Itachi: Violence?! Geez, girls are ruthless.

That we are. The girls go out to the field and see another pair of students, Ryo and Sumire who were also baseball players at their middle school. Of course, Yoshino totally fangirled a little too closely and obsessed over their thighs.

Itachi: So lucky.

Itachi...I swear.

Itachi: What! They are very athletic!

Finally, everyone meets the mystery upperclassmen who had no interest in joining the girls but Yomi decided to persuade Rei, an excellent batter to try out her Magic pitch.

This is coming together quite well! We already have a decent size team, I think we only need one more player to make a full 9 positions on the field that are needed. Normally a baseball team needs 25, but this is high school baseball and I am pretty sure having 25 characters would be a bit much!

I do love the story of what happened to the previous club members and I have a big feeling that this is going to lead into more of the plot as we are going when they eventually play other schools. Maybe they will even run into ex-members, oooh the drama. I am excited. I cannot wait to see an actual game with these girls!

Are you watching Tamayomi? Tell me about it!

Source: Funimation

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