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Tamayomi / Ep. 3 Review feat. Itachi

Are you ready for character development and learning the goal of this entire series? Itachi? HEY Itachi!

Itachi: Hmm? What? Sorry, Rei was weight training Ibuki and I- are hopeless.

The start of this 7 person team is really building, they are practicing but what for? That is what new student Nozumi walks up. She is not confident in this baseball team and even believes that she made the wrong choice when it came to picking schools to enroll in. She thinks that this team is not taking baseball seriously.

Itachi: I don't know, those thighs look pretty serious.

Itachi! I am going to erase your eyes!

Itachi: I'm sorry! We also meet another cutie Shiragiku, who has always dreamed of playing baseball but was actually a champion Kendo player!

So if these two join the team, that means we will have a full team of 9! enough to play games against other schools!

Nozumi, believes that the team does not have enough motivation and says that she will only stay if she can see her old team again at Nationals.

Itachi: And now the girls have a goal! AND they have their first practice game against another school next week! More girls in cute uniforms 😍

Goodness sakes, Itachi...

Sigh, are you watching Tamayomi? Tell us about it!

Source: Funimation

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