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Tamayomi / Ep. 4 Review Feat. Itachi

Let's Go Out There And Win This!

They cheer and cheer getting ready for their very first practice match and... Itachi, are you okay?

Itachi: What happened? What happened to my girls?!

Heh, yeahhh the animation was not the best quality this episode, was it? My only guess was the fact that the company accommodated to working around the virus and might have rushed things a bit. They might not have had enough money to delay the shows like other shows have been or they just wanted to keep their slate when airing. I am not sure, it was a bit disappointing since this is such a pivotal episode of their very first match and it wasn't presented that great, but at least it was still entertaining!

Itachi: Yeah, I guess. They did a good job with the pitcher on the rival team, their ace Oono, she was cute.

She was a bit grumpy that Shiragiku got a hit off her and Shiragiku is a beginner when it comes to baseball.

We did have a reflection of the past for Yomi, remembering how she struck out in the first round when she played baseball when she was younger. She got nervous and started to throw really bad pitches getting the other team to score points. I wonder how often that is going to be mentioned.

Itachi: How is she going to act when they have their first real match? The poor girl! She is a good pitcher!

Regardless of the poorly animation, it was still a sweet episode. The girls had their first practice match and they know more of what they need to work on if they ever make it to the nationals. Keep it up girls!

Itachi: And keep it up, animation team! You are working hard and we will keep watching because we know you are trying your best!

Are you watching Tamayomi: Tell us about it!

Source: Funimation

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