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Tamayomi / Ep. 5 Review

What are you thinking about Itachi?

Itachi: You think we could convince everyone to have a training camp at school and stay the night for a few days?

What would they be training for?

Itachi: I don't know, but a giant sleepover sounds awesome.

Sigh, Itachi, you are so weird.

Itachi: You right.

So, it seems that the animation team has amped up their game since last week! The animation was done pretty well! I could tell they were doing some I don't know if it is considered "CGI" but they did something when it came for everyone pitching. It did not look like the normal animation, but HEY! Not complaining. It is amazing that the show is still going and they are still giving us entertainment and that is pretty cool!

Itachi: The girls are still very cute.

Thank you for your commentary, Itachi.

Ms. Fujii set up a 4-day training camp for the girls to practice a lot harder and to prepare for more practice games. It seems that each person is finding their faults and really working hard on them!

Itachi: You know is better than one cute pitcher?

What Itachi?

Itachi: Two cute pitchers! The team wants to have a backup pitcher in case anything happens to Yomi. PLEASE NOTHING HAPPEN TO YOMI SHE IS SO CUTE! But if anything happens both Ibuki and Risa are now training to be the 2nd pitcher. Risa is so amazing!

We had a couple of heart-to-heart moments in this episode. One with Risa and Rei about how happy they are on the team and having a way better experience than they did last year.

And then a pair that we have never seen sit down and talk before Nozumi and Yoshino! Nozumi was venting about the faults she had made and feels like she is the one that keeps making the team lose, which is all know is not true. When you are a team, you each have faults and need to work on them together. No matter what though, you support each other and strive to better yourself together!

Itachi: Yeah!

This episode was just so sweet and I am looking forward to seeing the girls do their first official game soon.

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Source: Funimation

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