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Tamayomi / Ep. 6 Review feat. Itachi

Itachi: Come on, girls! You can do this! Win! Win!

You sure are pumped up today, Itachi.

Itachi: After that meaning conversation between Nozomi and Yoshino, I cannot help but cheer!

Well, get the pom-poms out because the team is doing great today!

They are up against a team that is pretty good, but the girl's team can get some runs in because their pitcher is not so great at the beginning of their matches.

So this means that Nozomi can get her first


An RBI are Runs Batted In, it is a statistic that means the batter gave their teammates a chance to score.

Itachi: The pitcher is warmed up now though, uh-oh. Come on, girls!

Nozomi manages another RBI, but this pitcher is ruthless when she is warmed up. She likes to do a lot of sinkers, but no one can predict when it is going to happen.

Itachi: Except Tama did it! She saw that sinker coming and hit it!

Yes, she did!

But when it comes time for Yomi to pitch, all throughout the match, Yomi was told to not do her Magic Pitch. It was a practice to do other pitches because apparently she only knows two pitches, the two-seam and then her magic pitch.

Itachi; Why need to know any other pitch when you have such a cool one like Magic?

Because! It then becomes predictable, people will be able to figure it out and go against it!

Itachi: In the last pitch though, Yomi is permitted to use THAT PITCH and YES THEY WIN! WHOO!!!!

They celebrate by going to Karaoke. It was also close to Yomi's birthday so she got the best present ever.

Itachi: Her team's very first win! Happy birthday, Yomi!

The girls are progressing fast. They have a long way to go to the nationals, but if they keep practicing as hard as they have been, they will be able to keep their promise!

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Source: Funimation

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