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Tamayomi Ep. 7 Review feat. Itachi

Yomi practices her batting because come on, you can't JUST be good with pitching. Practice girl!

Itachi: I would let her slug me with a bat.

I am ignoring you...

Itachi: What we can't ignore though is that things are getting serious now!

Ooh yeah! The team is now in the slots on the road to go to nationals! A gathering of all the team's captains happened and they drew lots to see their placements.

The team is against a school they do not know, Yoshino does not have any information about them. Yoshino and Ibuki go and spy on the school and notice that the pitcher has a similar pitch to Yomi which is dangerous. They needed to practice Yomi's pitch while Yomi has to try other pitches to fake out the other team. Will she be able to do it?

Itachi: Yeah they can! They can win! But...The next team. *gulp* Oh boy.

Ryoyukan...They are a harsh team. They made it to nationals, they have a unique submarine pitch, it is not going to be an easy task.

Itachi: BUT HEY! They look really cute in their official team uniforms!

Yeah, they do!

I wonder how this match with Kagemori, the school they don't really know about, and cannot find much information for is going to be like? I'm a little nervous AND Yoshino wants Ibuki to pitch?! Oh man, what are we in for?

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