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Tamayomi Episode 8 Review feat. Itachi

Itachi: Ahhhh did you see?! Did you see?!

What, Itachi?

Itachi: How cute the team looked in Pennant weekly!

Yes, they looked great! They really are a fully formed team. However... They do look pretty small compared to the other teams during the opening ceremony to commence the start of the season.

It seems that Yomi has some competition when it comes to the pitcher on Ryoyukan's team. They both seem to really love Tama.

Itachi: Yomi is cuter.

Thank you for your opinion Itachi.

Their first game starts with Kagemori which the only information they were able to gather is the fact that this team scores very low but seems to win each game. Hmmm, how could that be?

Since they have such a full season they ask Yomi to not pitch in this game and give Ibuki and Risa and chance to pitch. Of course, Yomi doesn't like that but it is effective!

They discover the team follows a pattern, Shiragaku is the one that discovered it. Being a kendo player she can judge distance and assume the timing of the pitcher's speed and-

Itachi: BOOM She gets a homerun!

I gotta say, I adore Shiragaku, her character is so interesting and the fact that she has these surprise attacks just make her a top favorite.

They notice the Kagemori team is pretty bored, they are not putting in a fight and everyone has a pretty low score even halfway through the game.

This is when they get Ibuki to pitch, and she uses the Submarine pitch. The pitch is similar to Kagemori's pitcher and that does not make her very happy. In fact...the actually ignites a bit of a spark in her.

The Kagemori team seems to have a bit more fire in them. I wonder how this game is going to go?

Will the team make it to go against the famous Ryoyukan school? Hmmm

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Source: Funimation

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