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Tamayomi Episode 9 Review Feat. Itachi

It is the middle of the first game with Kagemori High School and boy is that pitcher getting frustrated.

Itachi: That is what she gets for underestimating the girls!

Ibuki uses the submarine pitch that the ace pitcher uses and she is not happy about that, no no and Kagamori is finally looking there way!

When it is Ibuki's time to hit she is trying her best to get a forward head but she keeps getting fouls. The pitcher is so irritated that she sends up throwing a pitch that ends up striking Ibuki! And I don't mean striking as in striking out, it hits Ibuki in the leg! What the heck!

Itachi: This team is finally getting serious to the point where they are getting aggressive, not good.

By the time Yomi gets to bad, Nozomi has made it all the way around and scored, Samire barely gest through and also whiffs but they have 6 points so they are ahead by a lot.

Itachi: Yomi hits the ball! But will she get out? What will happen? Ahhh!!!

Before Yomi could even get around all the bases the game ends due to a mercy rule. Shin Koshigaya wins!

Itachi: And with that, the girls win their first match! Now it is time for...Ryoyukan, I'm scared.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, they still have some time to practice! Now that the fact that they actually do have information on Ryoyukan they can work with that they got.

There was so much hype about this Magic ball, but since Ryoyukan plays at a national level, it is time for something fast. Tama has Yomi throw her a fastball and then has her throw the fastball again but Tama will be a farther distance. This is to strengthen the speed of the pitch. Which helps because Tama moves back up where she would normally go and the pitch is unbelievably fast!

Ryoyukan is examining the information about Shin Koshigaya, but when they played against Kagemori they did not have Yomi pitch so Royukan has no idea what to expect. Nakata, the ace player tells them to not underestimate these girls.

Itachi: I would have Nakata slug me with a bat any day.


Itachi: Wh- What?!

You are hopeless.

The game against Kagemori was just a whirlwind of emotions. Annoyed at the fact that they are a low scoring team because they are really just bored with playing against other teams, then they get aggressive because OH Shin Koshigaya is actually good but then lose by mercy anyway. Hmph

The next team though, the one we have all been fearing this entire time, a national level team, do you think the girls will actually pull through? With that kind of ace, Nakata, I'm not so sure. But baseball is a team sport, so they cannot put it all on Nakata if Ryoyukan hopes to win.

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Source: Funimation

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