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Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls / Ep 1. Review

Here we go, the first anime watched of the anime season for 2020... Are we ready?!

Itachi: Yeah!

We have Itachi here joining us for the review of Tamayomi. Now, I have actually been really excited for this anime since it was announced. Maybe it is the fact that I played a little bit of baseball when I was in school or maybe there is something about sports anime that has this charm that draws me in even though I am not much of a sports enthusiast.

Now Tamayomi, it starts lead character Yomi Takeda who loves baseball, but when it came time for her middle school team's tournament, they were actually knocked out during the first round. After being defeated, she quits baseball to practice on her signature pitch "Magic Throw" or "Magic 8 Ball" (I keep seeing it in different ways, just know it is magical). She is in high school now and meets another baseball enthusiast and her twin sister and also an old friend she used to play catch with. They all play catch after school where they discover Yomi's "Magic Throw" and where it will go from there, probably to start forming a team.

I love this, it already has a developed backstory, it got me hooked with this signature pitch that I am sure if the formula with Sports anime it will probably lead to some demise and then Yomi has to change something to make sure her team wins. That is literally how every Sports anime works and I still love them.

So, Itachi, what did you think of this show? You enjoy sports.

Itachi: Thick thighs save lives.

Don't tell me we are watching this show just for the girls! I thought you liked sports!

Itachi: I do! It's just...

It's just that you are a pervert.

Itachi: Yomi is super cute, not as cute as Riku though! Don't tell her I said that I thought another girl was cute.


Itachi: And there are twins! I call that a win! Yoshino kind of reminds me of Puddin, but except for animals and sweets, it is baseball.

I can totally see that. Alright, so what do you think of the show?

Itachi: If I say what I am thinking, you might not invite me for next week...

Itachi...What do you think of the show?!

Itachi: I could go for some boba.

(The ending theme had the girls drinking boba)

Okay, Itachi, you are allowed to come back next week, don't make me regret this!

Itachi: I won't! See you next week for episode 2 of Tamayomi!

Are you watching Tamayomi! Talk about it with us!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet everyone!

Source: Funimation

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