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The 8th Son / Ep. 4 Review feat. Kagami and Riku

Wedding Day!

Kagami: Wait, who is getting married?

One of Well's brothers and Well and his friends are invited to attend!

Riku: Oooh, I love weddings! So happy, seeing people in love! So romantic!

Kagami: Says the girl who has yet to have her first boyfriend.

Riku: Shut up! I'm working on it!

I think we should be working on how the heck they are going to take care of that Undead Ancient Dragon!

Kagami: A DRAGON?!

Riku: Well, go kill it!

Yeah, sure, put everything on the shoulders of the kid who still doesn't understand why he is in this universe, is somehow really powerful and, well yeah he has to go defeat that dragon because he was the only one on board that knows Holy Magic. The poor kid.

Kagami: It isn't too bad, he is now considered a Nobel for defeating the cool dragon, despite being the 8th son of his family!

Riku: So...pretty.

Kagami: Stop crushing on the king, Riku!

Life is changing super fast for Wendeline, seriously everything is happening so quickly. One moment he is a salaryman, then he learns how to fly, he defeats a freaking dragon and becomes super-rich and is a Baronet. What is even his life?!

Kagami: It is not all fun and games anymore though. Becoming a Nobel means that Well is less freedom. That is so sad, he just made it to the Magical academy too.

At least with all that money, he was able to help his family with their awkward situation of not being able to afford a wedding gift for their own son's wedding...oops.

Even though Well's life is going super fast, he is still super grounded. He mentions in his past life that he learned the differences between Fermenting and Rotting. They are almost the same thing, but fermenting is what people can enjoy and is harmless and Rot is what harms people. It is the same that goes for anyone, especially rich and nobels!

Although it feels like everything is going super fast and I want to see Well actually struggle at something, it is still a fun right.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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