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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? / Ep. 3 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

So after the emotional feelings that was last week's episode let's have a bit more fun this week shall we?!

Kagami: YEAH!




Riku: I don't want to talk about it...

Kagami: It's okay, Riku, there will probably be plenty of hot guys at the Adventure's academy.

Wendelin is now at the academy after living in silence for many years, constantly training but avoiding everyone so he does not mess up the succession of his family. As great as this is, Well kind of last communication skills and is too nervous to approach anyone.

Kagami: The first thing they do in this class is Party Registrations, they need to form groups and these are people who they will work with while at school.

Forming groups... An Introvert's nightmare!

Kagami: Hey look! Riku, isn't Erwin kind of cute?

Riku: I guess... Louise and Iina are kind of cute, strong too.

Everyone in this class thing that Wendelin is too good for them and have no reason to join his party because he is such a powerful mage. It is funny because Wendelin thinks that everyone is just avoiding him because he is awkward and it is not about power.

We learn about Erwin, Louise, and Iina that they have all suffered the same fate that Well did, having to train alone, hide their powers because they were born later in their families and they could never show their greatness.

Kagami: The class is invited to a Duke's Garden Party, but they try not to get too excited because they know the Duke only wants to talk to Wendeline which they were kind of right. Only it wasn't just for talking, it was to introduce him to the Court Magician, Brantark Ringstat, the master of Alfred!

Riku: They talk about Alfred and even give Well his estate, which is cool, I guess.

Kagami: STOP BEING SAD! This is so cool! Well gets to form his party and everything! Progress!

We are moving right along with the story, I am excited to see Well as he is older and how his new party works together, I am super curious about how that is going to go.

Are you watching The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? Tell us about it!

Source: Anime New Network

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