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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?! / Ep. 5 feat. Riku and Kagami

So...Well defeats a dragon.

Kagami: Yeah.

He becomes a 6th rank baronet.

Riku: So cool!

And now...He is getting married.

Kagami & Riku: WHAT?!

Your little Wendeline has really played the fast mode of this story, besides being a powerful mage, he is freaking loaded now with riches, everyone wants to work for him, merchants want their daughters to marry him, he is a literal overnight to fame rockstar. Innocent Well was invited to a baptism by the church where he meets the girl known as the "saint" Elise. She is the priest's daughter and is also a holder of healing holy magic which gave her the title of "Saint."

Kagami: She is really pretty. No wonder Well proposed right then and there.

I don't think that was intentional though. Apparently, when you joke about wanting to marry a pretty girl, that is no joke, that is an actual proposal. There is no such thing as a romantic marriage in this world for nobels. All of Well's brother didn't even meet their wives until the day of the wedding. That is just crazy!

Kagami: I am so happy that is not a thing here. You know how many anime husbands I would have right now?

Riku: You would be engaged to Haruto right now.

Kagami: I never said I wanted to marry Haruto!

Riku: Uhhuh... So with Well's new rise to power, everyone wants to his retainer. With ease, Erwin becomes his Retainer which he might be taking a bit too seriously. Louise and Iina are also interested in being retainers, however, they don't want to be ranked under Erwin! So they have a mission to become...Well's concubines.

Kagami: Operation Concubine Seduction...was a bit of a fail. Louise is going at it hard though, not just to have a high rank, but to really have the comfort of wealth to be able to open up her own school and teacher the kind of magic she does. How sweet!

Riku: Concubine is a fun word to say.

Lastly, Well is invited to see Elise and have their first date together as a newly engaged couple. The night ended with Elise getting her official engagement ring, but it is actually a very special ring.

Riku: It is a little plain though.

Kagami: It contains a magic stone! It is so cool! And expensive!

What is going to happen to Well's life next? It just seems like his life is going by so fast and he doesn't even know what he is doing. One joke lead him into being betrothed, seriously? What else can happen to this boy!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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