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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?! / Ep. 6 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

So...Well is engaged.

Riku: Yeah

Hmm, and now summer break is almost over for them. But of course, Well could not leave without having to do ANOTHER thing for the king.

Kagami: Wait to go and use the poor boy.

Riku: Don't be mean to the King!

Kagami: What?! They are just using him at this point! What is that? He has to slay ANOTHER dragon. Geez.

Not only that, they only have 3 mages who can do it as well since magicians are the only ones to withstand dragons breath.

Kagami: 3? Okay, so we have Weldeline, the old guy, and...

ARMSTRONG! Of course, there is an Armstrong, what anime doesn't have an Armstrong?! He is a bulky dude that gives more of a warrior vibe than a mage, but hey! Never just a person by their looks!

So with the 3 mages and a small army built up, they set off to defeat the dragon. The small army will fight the monster uprise that is bound to happen and can defend Well and the others in case things get messy with the dragon!

But of course, with Well, his life is just so easy and he is just throwing all the luck in the air because teaming up with Armstrong, well, Armstrong is just so cool! He can use his magic to create physical objects, like armor. So yes! Armstrong is a brute who fights, but uses magic to do so! With his power and the others, they slay the dragon! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Kagami: Before you celebrate...there are monsters. We don't really see them, but they are there.

It is a bit of a shame that we did not see the army fight the monsters. I would have liked to see Well do some fighting without magic and also give the other characters like Ilna or Erwin a chance to show their skills and Louise! That would have been amazing!

Riku: We get to see Elise though showing some emotion for Well. She was so concerned about Well, it was really cute.

Who would have thought a girl who was engaged without even talking to the guy first would actually develop feelings for him that quickly? Man, Well is just lucky.

Kagami: Lucky? Are we talking about luck? The dude is getting 3 wives!

Riku: Wait, what?

Kagami: And Elise is okay with it!

Heh...yeah, Operation Concubine Seduction was a bit of a success since Well agreed to marry Louise and Ilna... I'm...I'm so confused. And Elise was fine with it. Geez, fantasy gets weird sometimes. Oh, and they are all living together now in the city that keeps working Well like crazy...Okay, that's...that's fine.

We are halfway through this series and I want to see some struggle dang it! I get that Well is having an emotional struggle, he is having all of this put in front of him, money, retainers, and being asked to slay dragons, I just feel like at some point he needs to have an explosion. It just seems like he is getting too lucky.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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