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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?! Ep. 7 Feat. Riku and Kagami

Another one of Well's brothers gets married and his brothers mention that the only reason they are able to get married is that families want to be related to Well somehow because it is drawing the nation's attention.

Kagami: Well yeah, because he is literally good at everything! He is overpowered.

Riku: Huehuehue, or so you think!

What are you talking about?

Riku: A Martial Arts Tournament.

Oh...oh yeah. Have we ever seen Well actually have physical combat? Oh...dear. All nobels join the tournament, there are separate divisions but a mage is not one of them. OF COURSE and magic is completely forbidden from the tournament.

So we finally get to see Well, STRUGGLE! Yes!

Erwin, Louise, and Iina participate in the torment too. Erwin trains extra hard because he fears that Well would get rid of him from their adventure party if he doesn't at least get passed the preliminaries.

Erwin may seem like a goofball, thinking he has an easy life but he is super insecure about the fact that he is not good at magic. He wants to win though, he wants to see

Kagami & Riku: VICTORY!

Ah, not quite yet. We have to get to the actual tournament first.

Another one of Well's brothers getting married. The only reason anyone wants to marry is to be Well's relative. Drawing the nation's attention. The Commander of the Royal Knights, Warren is part of this completion because he is considered the hurdle if any of the competitors want to be successful.

Riku: So pretty... and he knocked Well out in an instant... He is so pretty and strong.

Yep! Wendelin gets knocked out in the first round, he didn't even get a chance to put up a fight. I know it is a little disappointing, but... Thank you. I was getting really bored of Well being so good at everything.

The other 3 do really well, but they do not win either. Iina fights the Spinning Spearman that wanted to be Well's retainer and to everyone's surprise, is actually strong! Louise proves she is amazingly strong but loses just before the semifinals of the preliminaries.

Kagami: It is Erwin's battle next, but he is feeling defeated. But with a delicious bento made by Well has a form of encouragement, Erwin is proudly swinging his sword but...

Riku: Warren defeats Erwin just before the final!

Poor thing, he was fighting on an injury too. Can I just say...Thank you to the animation team. Erwin was getting markings on his hands from so much training and in other scenes, they were actually there, they reminded them. It is just subtle things that I love. This team does such a good job to remember markings and scratches. I love it!

This was such a good episode. I was getting a little bored because everything was going so well for Well, in my other posts I kept mentioning how I wanted him to struggle and we finally saw that. We also got to see the other characters rise up and see how strong they were! Louise is awesome! What a good show!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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