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The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me? Episode 8 feat. Riku and Kagami

Kagami: I don't like him.

Riku: Who?

Kagami: Well's father.

Riku: Why?

Kagami: What kind of father goes, "I don't want to hear anything about my famous son!" Like, who even does? Jealous %^$##@ #%!@%


Kagami: I am just saying the truth.

I bet he is eating his words when he finds out the letter is actually telling him...his son is DEAD

Riku & Kagami: WHAT?!

Having their party finally established, Well gets a mandatory quest from the King to explore Ancient Ruins that have taken many lives of different guild members. One guild would go down there and would perish so another guild would go down to look for the other members but they would meet the same fate.

Kagami: So they make teenagers go down there...Cool... Cool. That is fine. Not like most of them will die from dragon breeze and turn them into ASHES

Riku: You have so much bent of rage, don't you?

Kagami: I mean, look at this, what kind of psychopath sets up golems causing members to fight and fight for days!

Well's party has been down in the Ruins for so long that it had been rumored that they all have actually died.

Kagami: And they didn't even try to confirm it! Or wait a little bit longer. They just spread the news that they are dead. And they are like "you better be dead, Well." After sending off the letter. What the !@$%#


It is a point of survival now. They are all running low on energy and mana but they finally...FINALLY, reach the golem dragon while also getting attack by other golems. Geez, these guys are not having a good time.

Riku: Looks like someone had at least a little bit of fun. Smooch smooch.

Well was kissed by Elise! Oooooohhh! So cute! With Well's last bit of mana being used up and also accepting defeat, Elise uses every ounce of her healing magic and does a spell called "Magical Light." she emits it by a kiss and Well gains all his mana back and is able to defeat the dragon while also holding Elise by the way, boy be strong.

Riku: You know she didn't even have to kiss him... But she did so she wouldn't have to regret never being able to kiss the man she loves.

Kagami: Such passion.

Riku: Have you calmed down?

Kagami: NO because the mage that set up this entire thing was up so it was hard to get to his fancy airships! Like, what is even that about?!

Well...he only wanted people with true power and perseverance to get the magic airships.

Kagami: Hmph whatever.

Riku: You need a snack... Calm down.

Kagami: I will take a cookie, please.

I do like that finally, we are seeing Well's struggles and him getting by with the help of his friends. I feel like this show would have been incredibly boring if Well just kept winning. Well does in a way keep winning, but now there is actual motivation to keep winning and I like that.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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