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The Beginning

Hey, thanks for stopping by on my website. I guess since you stopped by you might be interested in what actually is going on and what this place is all about.

Many years ago I started a project that was really just a pass time. I had big dreams for it, but being only 13-14 years old, I also had dreams that my Hogwarts letter was coming eventually it was just a couple years late.

Well coming around the age of 21, accepting the fact that my Hogwarts letter might not ever show up, the date passed that I had graduated college a year ago I decided to dust off my notebooks and really try and this old project I made as a teenager.

Months of dabbling with character designs, weeks of questioning why am I even trying I am not an artist, and days of not even working on it at all because I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to do. I'm all alone, I can't handle this project by myself, I thought.

Until the new year of 2018 happened. I made a resolution, I wanted to start a web comic for that old project. I wanted people to meet the characters before the real story began.

And here we are today. Exactly 2 years ago I graduated from college from Full Sail University. 8 years later working on a dream that people thought was a joke, that I was wasting my time with. That I was just a freak carrying around a notebook with me, glued to me, it was always with me and now finally, it is coming to life.

I don't know where this road is taking me, but I know where I want to go. I want to create weekly comics and pictures for you all to enjoy and the big goal, the ambitious goal, the goal that I want to have is to make this story into a graphic novel series that all of you will enjoy.

So if you want to support me, if you want to see this little teenage dream turn into a success, please stick around. Listen to my rambles, see what my girls are up to, and more importantly, enjoy your time here.

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