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I know, I know, this week's installment is a little derpy looking. I was trying a new thing and I will never be doing it that way again. So um, yeeeee Otters are pretty great.

Anyway, it was a good comic however to get more information! Who is this mystery person Aidan Furst? Are we finally cracking down what is really bothering Yuuki? Hmm, well we shall see. In the mean time let's give Yuuki some big hugs! Let her know she is loved and even when you are feeling understood there is always someone who will love you and understands you!

Anyway, I'll try and do better next week. It is good to experiment and I realized, wow, that was not for me. So yeah! Next week everything shall be a little less derpy! Not completely nonderpy but like...less.

I'm going to go watch videos of otters now. Until next time, stay sweet!

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