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The Haircut!

Every time I think that I should cut my hair it always does something really pretty the next day and I'm like, "nooo pretty hair it is okay! I won't hurt you!" Like, my hair becomes perfectly wavy, my bangs are quaffed to perfection. I just don't...want to cut it! Not yet at least. Maybe when it comes hot I'll just chop it all off. I doubt it...but maybe. Who knows!

But seriously, can we talked about Kagami's new hair?

So I have been struggling with Kagami's hair for a while. I swear this girl has had like 5 different hairstyles because I just couldn't decide what really suits her best and I think this is it.

Last week I was just at wits end. I was drawing her and I said aloud, "I hate her hair." Sorry, Kagami. That was a little rude, but like it didn't suit her.

Her new hair is just so cute. Like I kept drawing her with her new hair and I became obsessed. It is the perfect balance of feminine but also sporty.

How about you? Any neato haircuts or hair styles lately? Tell me about it!

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