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The Millionaire Detective / Ep. 2 Review

They are taking him away already...ALREADY We were blessed with his beauty for just a moment and now...he is gone...

Just until the virus goes over and everyone can work safely again.

Yes, unfortunately, The Millionaire Detective episodes are going to be delayed but at least we had this episode to enjoy Daisuke's beautiful face.

This shows is just so full of typical detective show greatness with how it starts with one thing that doesn't have much to do with the story but it a way it kind of does, then it just so happens they arrest people and interrogate them and then everything just falls right into place.

Except for with this show everything becomes absurd and there are dog costumes and helicopters.

Daisuke follows Haru and they come across street performers. Somehow they ended up holding drugs on them and they are detained and questions. Daisuke being rich does things by throwing wads of money for people to get answers. Where you have the other detectives on the force doing things in their own ways, mostly in a calming, reassuring way.

The way Daisuke does things really frustrates Haru, and I can totally understand because it is basically like giving people money for their bad behavior. Though the world works with money, so it is easier to get answers with it is to your own benefit, I guess.

The stakeout this drug dealer who is notorious with models, but they needed more proof and caught inaction of him dealing and also who he was officially working with. This leads Haru going to a Code Party to attempt to steal the phone of the dealer. Of course, that doesn't go smoothly at all. But in Daisuke fashion is all seems to work out in the end, even if that includes arriving in a helicopter and deploying...well, you will see if you watch the episode.

I swear, Daisuke's superpower is basically, "I'm rich," and he gets away with anything. Just like Batman. Daisuke is Batman.

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Source: Anime News Network


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