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The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited / Ep 1. Review

I wasn't sure if I was going to review this or not, but how could I not share the blessing that is Daisuke Kambe's face? He is just so pretty.

The Millionaire Detective is adapted from the TV comedy Fugou Keiji (2005) which was the adaptation of the book by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

Daisuke Kambe has pretty much tapped into so much wealth that money does not seem to matter anymore. He joins the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters where he is then partnered with Haru Katou, a very compassionate man who doesn't seem to care much for Daisuke materialistic ways.

In this episode, we meet Haru who is on patrol at a parade when he comes across "official" detectives. Haru's workplaces are detectives in a sense but they do small stuff like looking for lost children and nothing more serious. Haru learns that there is a bomb to be set off to kill the prince that is in the corral of cars.

In the mix of this a couple, Hiroshi and Yoko are looking for a place to score some money by robbing a jewelry store of something of the sorts. The couple gets away in a van together after their haul and is chased down by the police.

Daisuke with his wealth goes through the middle of all the cars in parade simply gives the Prince 1 Billion yen and goes after a van that is said to have the bomb.

I love this. Daisuke is so charming, so on point, he is reckless but whatever he does it seems to work and I love that kind of character. Haru is sweet, has a hard work ethic, he just wants to be a normal detective but I am sure something in his past may have prevented him from going higher up the ranks and I am really excited to learn what that is.

I wonder just how much we are going to learn of Daisuke, perhaps how he has all that wealth, why he decided to become a detective, he is actually Batman?!?! I don't know!

This show is going to be funny, exhilarating, and it is going to be a fun time.

Are you watching The Million Detective? Tell me about it!

Source: Anime-Planet

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